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Residential Garage Door Repair Offers Garage Door Repair Services Including Garage Door Opener Installation.

Servicing the Twin Cities area, including Rogers, Elk River, and St. Michael, Residential Garage Door Repair is your most trusted garage door installation company, that also specializes in garage door opener installation. Our team of garage door technicians works to understand your current garage door system, including the garage door rails and garage door, to offer the best garage door opener solution. Whether its a repair of the garage door itself, or a complete replacement of the garage door opener, Residential Garage Door Repair works hard to find the best solution for your home. 


In todays day and age of growing technology, garage door openers have become extremely useful and offer increased benefits to offer homeowners. Smart home capabilities have now been added to garage door openers, allowing for remote opening and closing. Garage door openers are also starting to come in with battery back ups allowing for the garage door to still be opened and closed during power outages. There are many other advantages in getting a new garage door opener - give Residential Garage Door Repair a call today to learn more!

What Are The Benefits In Installing A New Garage Door Opener?

Whether your garage door opener broke recently, or you simply want a newer garage door opener for the smart home benefits, there are many reasons to get a new garage door opener. The experts at Residential Garage Door Repair are here to go through the options with you, and discuss any impact it may have to your current garage door system including garage door rails, garage door springs, and your garage door cables.

New Garage Door Openers Allow For Smart Home Integration.

Many new garage door openers offer smart home integration that allows you to connect your garage door opener to your phone or smart home system. Using voice commands, you can open or close your garage from anywhere in the world.

New Garage Door Openers Offer Increased Security Features.

New garage door openers have increased security features making it harder to gain access without a remote. They come equipped with different encryption and code technology that creates a new code for your garage door opener every time you open or close your garage.

New Garage Door Openers Offer Battery Backups.

Battery backups on garage door openers is a new feature that allows garage door openers to stay functional all the time, even during a power outage. They come equipped with a battery that stores energy in the case that power cuts out, and keep you from being stranded.

New Garage Door Openers Offer Automatic Closing.

Have you every left your home wondering if you closed your garage door? Worry no more! Many of the new garage door openers available today feature automatic closing functionality where you can preset an automatic close time incase your garage is left open.

New Garage Door Openers Offer Motion Detection Lighting.

No more walking into or out of a dark garage, many of the new garage door openers come equipped with motion detection lighting! Any motion detected will automatically turn on the garage door opener lights and will illuminate your garage space until a motion timer turns it off.

New Garage Doors Openers Have Reduced Operating Noise.

One of the most biggest complaints homeowners have with their current garage door openers is how loud it is. Garage door opener manufacturers have heard this feedback, and have developed more quiet garage door openers with improved belt systems, quieter motor, and additional insulation.

Residential Garage Door Repair LLC_Garage Door Opener_Garage Door Remote.jpg

Should I Repair My Garage Door Opener, Or Replace It?

There are several factors to consider when a repair or a replacement is needed for your garage door opener, including what the actual damage to the garage door opener is, the age of the garage door opener, the cost of repair on the garage door opener, and much more. The team at Residential Garage Door Repair would love to help you consider the different options, present you with a couple different garage door openers in your price range, and discuss the best case scenarios for both options. Don't hesitate, schedule a service call with Residential Garage Door Repair today!

Why Choose Residential Garage Door Repair For Your Garage Door Opener Installation?

Residential Garage Door Repair was founded with one goal in mind - to provide the highest quality garage door installation and garage door repair services in the I-94 corridor including Rogers, Maple Grove, Champlin, Elk River, and St. Michael. Our team has over 20 years of experience in the garage door industry, and has worked with every year, make, and model around. Experience the peace of mind in working with the garage door industry experts, give Residential Garage Door Repair a call or schedule an appointment for a service call today!

When Garage Door Problems Arise, Choose Residential Garage Door Repair.

20 years Of garage door repair experience.

Residential Garage Door Repair has over 20 years of experience helping people with their residential and commercial garage door repair and garage door installation needs. We've worked with countless year, makes, and models of garage doors, and are experienced in just about everything out there.

We offer emergency, around the clock, garage door repair.

When emergency strikes, it's important to get your garage door repaired as soon as possible. In Minnesota winters, an open garage can allow cold temperatures to cool the house and allows for snow drifts into the home. Residential Garage Door Repair is on the clock, and is here for you in your garage door emergencies.

We offer residential and commercial garage door repair.

Whether it's a residential garage, or a commercial garage, Residential Garage Door Repair is your go to garage door repair company. Our team is quick, efficient, performs a quality job, and gets the repair and installation done to your expectation.

Experienced, efficient, and skilled garage door repairmen.

At the end of the day, you want to ensure that your garage door repair company is experienced and will get the job done - and Residential Garage Door Repair checks every box. Our team if efficient and skilled at the garage door services they provide, and always work with you to find the quickest resolution.

Don't Take Our Word For It, Check Out What Our Customers Have To Say!

Schedule Your Garage Door Repair Today!

Don't wait on your garage door repair - experience the peace of mind in calling the garage door repair and garage door installation specialists at Residential Garage Door Repair! Our team will connect with you and find a date and time that works, and is here to help.

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