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Residential Garage Door Repair Offers Garage Door Repair Services For Garage Doors Off Track.

Servicing the Twin Cities area, including Rogers, Elk River, and Albertville, Residential Garage Door Repair is your most trusted garage door installation company, specializing in repairing garage doors that fall off their tracks. Our team of garage door technicians works to understand your current garage door system, including the garage door rails and garage door opener, to offer the best repair solution. Whether its a repair of the garage door tracks, or a complete replacement of the garage door, Residential Garage Door Repair works hard to find the best solution for your home. 


An off track garage door is a major inconvenience to any home or business owner, and if it isn't taken care of quickly, can cause lasting damage to your garage door, garage door opener, garage door cables, and much more. Don't hesitate, reach out to the garage door experts at Residential Garage Door Repair and experience the peace of mind knowing that your garage door repair is in experienced hands.

What Are The Causes Of Your Garage Door Getting Off Track?

Whether your garage door was hit causing it to come off track, or debris was lodged in the tracks causing it to work improperly, a garage door that has come off track can cause serious damage to your garage door system and even structurally damage your garage.

Whatever the cause was, it is important to get immediate assistance for your garage door repair. Our team of garage door experts comes onsite, assesses the damage, and ensures the system gets placed back into working order.

Your Garage Door Tracks Are Misaligned.

This is especially seen in older garage door systems - the garage door tracks can become misaligned over time. Different dents, bends, kinks, and twists can happen causing the rollers to come off track and ultimately push the garage door off track.

Your Garage Door Was Installed Improperly.

Improper installation of a garage door roller, or garage door track, can also cause a garage door to fall off track. If there is any misalignment, or derailment, at any time during the garage door opening process, this can cause your garage door to eventually fall off track.

You Have Broken Garage Door Hardware.

Your garage door system utilizes a variety of garage door hardware, including brackets, fasteners, washers, and bolts. When these hardware pieces break, they can lead to your garage door coming off track, which can then cause collateral damage on other garage door hardware.

Your Garage Door Was Hit With Heavy Force.

One of the most common causes of a garage door falling off track is a vehicle hitting the garage door before it has fully opened. The force of the impact can cause the tracks to break, the roller to come out of place, and can even damage garage door hardware.


Your Garage Door Tracks Have Lodged Debris.

One common cause of garage doors getting off track is debris getting stuck in the garage door track. Whether its from a recent construction project, or small rock accumulation, anything that obstructs the movement of the roller can cause potential issues with opening the garage door.

Your Garage Door Is Aged.

There is nothing wrong with having aged garage doors, but sometimes, they can simply wear out and become deteriorated. Different hardware components can break or fail, cause the system to become misaligned and the garage door falls off track. This becomes the perfect opportunity to consider a new garage door system.

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What Kind Of Damage Can My Garage Door Falling Off Track Cause?

If your garage door falls off track, it can cause a variety of damage to your garage and garage door system. Depending on the cause, and impact, a garage door falling off track can cause additional stress on the frame of the garage itself cause bending, cracking, and warping of the frame. Additionally, the entire garage door system may be jeopardized as the roller, garage door rails, cables, and the garage door itself can become bent, cracked, or broken.

Rest assured and have the peace of mind in knowing that your garage door is being repair and assessed by the leading experts in the garage door industry - give Residential Garage Door Repair a call today!

Why Choose Residential Garage Door Repair For Your Garage Door Falling Off Track?

Residential Garage Door Repair was founded with one goal in mind - to provide the highest quality garage door installation and garage door repair services in the I-94 corridor including Rogers, Maple Grove, Otsego, Elk River, and St. Michael. Our team has over 20 years of experience in the garage door industry, and has worked with every year, make, and model around. Experience the peace of mind in working with the garage door industry experts, give Residential Garage Door Repair a call or schedule an appointment for a service call today!

When Garage Door Problems Arise, Choose Residential Garage Door Repair.

20 years Of garage door repair experience.

Residential Garage Door Repair has over 20 years of experience helping people with their residential and commercial garage door repair and garage door installation needs. We've worked with countless year, makes, and models of garage doors, and are experienced in just about everything out there.

We offer emergency, around the clock, garage door repair.

When emergency strikes, it's important to get your garage door repaired as soon as possible. In Minnesota winters, an open garage can allow cold temperatures to cool the house and allows for snow drifts into the home. Residential Garage Door Repair is on the clock, and is here for you in your garage door emergencies.

We offer residential and commercial garage door repair.

Whether it's a residential garage, or a commercial garage, Residential Garage Door Repair is your go to garage door repair company. Our team is quick, efficient, performs a quality job, and gets the repair and installation done to your expectation.

Experienced, efficient, and skilled garage door repairmen.

At the end of the day, you want to ensure that your garage door repair company is experienced and will get the job done - and Residential Garage Door Repair checks every box. Our team if efficient and skilled at the garage door services they provide, and always work with you to find the quickest resolution.

Don't Take Our Word For It, Check Out What Our Customers Have To Say!

Schedule Your Garage Door Repair Today!

Don't wait on your garage door repair - experience the peace of mind in calling the garage door repair and garage door installation specialists at Residential Garage Door Repair! Our team will connect with you and find a date and time that works, and is here to help.

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